Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Proud Having One Another

Tadi aku sambut hari jadi adik aku in advance. She should feel proud with what she have now. Dia ada mama, abah , kakak-kakak, adik-adik ,friends and her boyfriend too. Apa yang aku nak bagitahu kat sini adalah, I should tell my boyfriend that he should be proud of me because ;

I'm not a demand person.

Kehadapan awak Muhammad Syafiq Md Sa'ad,
Bukan nak tunjuk lagak atau bangga diri. Tapi supposely awak bersyukur sebab saya bukan jenis perempuan yang meminta-minta like.. " I want that bear / I want you to buy me ring "...or else. But my sister did. She asked for many things from her boyfriend. I'm one of those who is difficult to accept anything from someone that is not having any legal relationship with me because I know how hard someone trying to find money, struggle maintaining their life . I admit that I've not been through that situation (Alhamdulillah) but I can feel you. Besides, I'm not from a wealthy family . I can see how my father struggle to get money without thinking about night or day.  I know how tired you're.Thanks daddy.

I'm happy with our memories as a birthday gift to me

Awak, thank you because you always been there when I need. Thank you for changing your attitude and behavior.I know it's hard to stop smoking but you did , Alhamdulillah and I would say that I should be proud of you too and I did . Sayang, remember our first met  ?  9/9/16 That's our first met. It's something priceless that I really appreciate. No one can beat you ,sayang.Within 1 year we know each other ,yet you came to KL to see me. Eventhough you're so nervous at that moment , yet you are brave enough to come and see me.

Awak, every moment that I'm with you, I'm so happy. Your jokes , make me laugh eventhough I'm angry at that time ,HaHa. You know what, orang-orang yang ada dalam hidup saya before this tak pernah teman saya belajar like what you did to me. Awak ingat tak masa saya struggle hafal dialog untuk speaking test and awak dengar apa yang saya hafal after I give you a picture of what I've supposed to memorized ? I feel so lucky to have you. Alhamdulillah :)

Your beloved,

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