Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Guy.

There's a guy who made my day.
There's a guy who make me smile always.
There's  a guy who I used to crush on him late month ago.


He's already in love with me,
Like seriously,I can't even belive this
because I used to think that he'll never fall in love with me once he know me.
But now,he's already did it !

He told me that I'm the one who stole his heart,
He did also tell me that there's nobody could take  place in his heart
unless me.
Besides,he said that one day,
he will meet my parent because he want me to be his wife.
How happy I am at that time,only God knows.

You know what ? Something special about him is..
Whenever it's time for prayer,he'll texting me and said like..
"Solat jangan lupa.Dah masuk waktu."
What do you feel if you're at my place?
For sure you'll feel so happy,right?
He also did texting with me like this
-----> "Doakan jodoh kita juga.Hehehe"....


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